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La Boulangerie Marguerite (or Marguerite, for short) is the culmination of an invitation to bring a new identity and presence to this 100-year old established neighborhood bakery. In addition to the tried and true products, you can look forward to François and Melissa’s French flair inspired artisan goods.

Breads. Croissants. Cakes. Donuts. Viennoiserie.

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Who is Marguerite?

In the Mooré culture of Burkina Faso, West Africa, the parents of a newborn do not give their child a name, but rather, an elder is given the honor of choosing a name. For bakery owners Melissa and Francois Kiemde, they adapted this practice by naming their daughter after an elder as a way to honor Francois’ cultural tradition. And there was no more impactful elder in their lives than Sister Mary Margaret McKenzie, beloved Visitation sister from North Minneapolis. So, when the Kiemde’s first born daughter arrived in the Spring of 2010, Mary Margaret’s French moniker, Marguerite, seemed the perfect name and way to honor culture and tradition. Eleven years later, the name suits this life and love at the center of the Kiemde house and small business.

Marguerite: the child, her namesake, and the cultural predecessors who came before them. They have spunk. French flair. Long-standing roots. Their stories transcend time, neighborhood, community and culture. They have love at their center.

And now, La Boulangerie Marguerite, or Marguerite for short. This business is the bakery version of a long-held dream of love and miracles and nourishment. We hope Marguerite delights and honors your meal-making and ritual celebrations with her pastries and breads -- in a way that is as sweet and delightfully inspired as her namesakes.

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